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Alien, Total Recall Screenwriter Dan O’Bannon dead

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Man did he write some winners and he did f/x for Star Wars.  The horror and science fiction fans of the universe will miss you, good sir.

Alien’s 30th anniversary; About us

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This past week I had the pleasure of catching Alien on the big screen.  It was playing at the Music Box Theater in celebration of its 30th Anniversary.  The film is as fresh as ever, but in some ways it feels way older than that.

The sound design largely forgoes music, instead surrounding the audience with distant clanks and cavernous echoes.  As a result, watching the Nostromo crew (minus Ripley) slowly realize their fate as alien food, you, the viewer, feel quite trapped.  The tension builds steadily, and when the monsters are finally revealed, it’s terrifying and cathartic cinema.

Director Ridley Scott’s use of such measured pacing in the first half of Alien firmly sets this film into the category of Old Classic.*  Which brings me to my rant, i mean, mission statment Continue reading