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Between a Rock and a Pin Prick

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In Needle, a short film by Iranian filmmaker Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, sixth-grader Lily (Florence Winners) stands on the threshold between child and adulthood. Adults, including her bickering parents, talk over and down to her, and pump her for information on the other figures in her life. Ghazvinizadeh’s sharply observed film builds of Lily’s emotional landscape by filming her reactions to the turmoil around her. By making her the focus of the camera, but not the conversation, Lilly is portrayed as simultaneously a part of, but outside of, the adult world. Continue reading

The 12 Best of the Decade

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I could’nt resist the List!  And could’nt recall very many memorable comedies?  Help me out guys.  Anyways, here is my 10 best movies of the decade list:

12. Zodiac (USA, 2007)

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