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The Downside of Characters Having Personality – Big Hero 6

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Review by Sam Doob

run time 108 mins – that’s long

It’s creepy. It’s about an inflatable healthcare robot that, when low on batteries, becomes shrivelled and behaves like a fall down drunk. It speaks with a pre-recorded voice: male, blithe, debatably asexual. (But who wants to debate that?) Also the teenage girl characters have lots of accentuated body parts, which is somewhat new terrain for Disney. I guess they took a tip from Pixar’s Mrs. Incredible. And another tip from Heavy Metal. But at least those were women. Princess Aurora and Cinderella were never so voluptuous. It’s not the best feeling to be attracted to a cartoon. But it’s definitely not a good feeling to be attracted to underage cartoons. Finally, the most creepy thing about Big Hero 6: the co-director’s previous movie was Bolt.

BH6 feels heavily workshopped. Since Disney clearly wanted to create a new string of sequels here, they did not take any chances. Sitting through the movie, one can almost hear the comments elicited from the test audiences. The result is uninteresting characters, about as edgy as the corner of an ipad. Continue reading

Is Fear Funny?

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Last night, I went to the movies by myself. And yeah, it was pretty bleak. I saw Top Five, a movie about a comedian who is over the hill and struggling to be funny after getting off the sauce. It could have been good. The preview was. But the movie wasn’t funny. Frankly, Chris Rock should have hired some joke writers to punch up his script; but then he would have to admit he didn’t have it in him to fill out the dialogue with good lines. Continue reading

Fast Cars and Arepas: Furious 7

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Review by Sam Doob 

First of all, I have a friend who does an entire podcast about this franchise. It’s called “No One Likes The Tuna.” So you might want to go there if you want to hear about this movie in further detail. Because I’m going to make this brief.

I ate arepas before the movie. Then the theater smelled like feet.

Furious 7 had a credit sequence so weary of the modern day attention span that dozens of people were dead and blown up before we even knew who the casting director was. Patience is a virtue. And as Vin Diesel says — I’m paraphrasing now — “It’s not just about being fast anymore.” But the movie’s editorial staff could not take Vin Diesel’s advice and the result was like a shitty babysitter who races through the bedtime story when maybe the kid wants to examine the pictures a while before turning the page. Continue reading

Miscellaneous 2012 and 2013: Doob

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The Place Beyond The Pines

When it comes down to it, a movie can have all the good cinematography, sets, music and acting it wants, but without real characters, the story doesn’t matter and in the end, I don’t care about the movie.  (Eva Mendes and Ben Mendelsohn were closest to making their characters real.)

Wreck-It Ralph

I loved it.  Afterwards, I acted like I didn’t.  Then saw it again.  I got goosebum Continue reading

Doob Does 2013

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Monsters University

Funny, really funny, rolling laughter, for a solid half an hour in the middle. The rest is not great. The live action backgrounds are distracting.

Continue reading

Big Evils and Good Wives: End of Watch

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Okay.  I have forty minutes to write this before I pick up my pizza and watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  I am so sick of my VHS collection, it’s pathetic.  But I won’t join Netflix because I’m too cheap and the disks skip and the streaming looks like shit.   I have a copy of the book Babe is based on, unread, somewhere in my room so I can’t go to the library for new movies.  Plus their DVD’s skip, too.

What I’m say is the only way I see movies I’ve never seen before, for the most part, is the old fashioned way.  Now I haven’t written for this website for a while.  But I’ve seen a lot of movies, most of them bad.  The last thing I saw was End of Watch.  My opinion of End of Watch: Continue reading

Cross-Dressing the Mind: Think Like A Man

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Did I walk out?  Yes. Did I like the movie? 

Sort of, yes. What was my favorite part?  I can’t remember.  But there were laughs. 

This is yet another movie I paid big bucks to see in the theater, and if it were on television, I would change the channel within two minutes.

Think Like A Man is really an advertisement for the Steve Harvey self-help book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.  The book is ostensibly for women; the movie is not.  Though Kevin Hart is the narrator, Steve Harvey often looks at the camera knowingly quotes his book.  I haven’t read Harvey’s book, but it seems like it would be up my alley since I’ve recently, more than ever, imagined the kind of woman I would be.  I have found I have much more confidence in myself when I describe the woman I could have been: good looking, funny, all about the sack, messy hair and apartment Continue reading