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Emotionally-Available Space Odyssey – Intestellar

Posted in Review with tags on December 3, 2014 by Timothy Parfitt

No director can get away with making riskier blockbusters within the Hollywood system than Christopher Nolan. Having brought home the bacon with the bleak Batman trilogy, he’s parlayed his sway into two mindbenders, first Inception and now Interstellar. Interstellar is chock full of cosmic adventures, black holes, worm holes and emotional rescues.

The film follows Cooper, an astronaut turned farmer who lives out in the country with his father in law (John Lithgow) and his two kids sometime in the distant future. In this dystopian future, dust has killed off most of the crops, fancy college learning is discouraged so more kids can help address the global food crisis, NASA has been disbanded and textbooks rewritten to call the moon landing a hoax. Cooper and his daughter follow a mysterious signal and find that, pysch!, NASA hasn’t been disbanded, it’s been driven under ground and is being run by Alfred, I mean Michael Caine. Continue reading