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Sins of the Father: Calvary

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Brendan Gleeson has quite a face. Wide, pock-marked, and in the film Calvary, covered in a regal red-and-grey beard; he resembles a sad lion. Calvary is an existential mystery set in Sligo, Ireland. It follows Father James (Gleeson) as he spends a week fending off evil forces and investigating the spiritual malaise of his town.  In the very first scene, a man threatens his life in confession, telling him he’ll die in one week’s time.

The unknown accuser claims he was molested by a different priest years ago. Father James, though innocent, will have to pay for a dead man’s sins. Continue reading

Funky, Mysterious, Incomprehensible

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The rare musical biopic where the music is at the forefront, Get on Up makes the case that James Brown’s music is at least as important as James Brown the man. Raw energy comes through by the bucketful as Brown (Chadwick Boseman) grunts, growls and shimmies across the screen.

One of the (mostly) refreshing aspects of the film is the way it avoids traditional Behind-the-Music-style redemptive arcs. Continue reading

Killing Season 4: Reanimated

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The Killing, the show that will not die, is done for. Cancelled three times over the span of four seasons, the mostly excellent, frequently infuriating show capped off its run with a six episode fourth season on Netflix. Typical of the original content on the video streaming site, the whole season premiered simultaneously, in this case last Friday, August 1st. I gorged obligingly, and here are my thoughts (MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW).

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