Double Up on Dallas

Duel reviews of  Dallas Buyers Club from IWA’s two most faithful movie hounds.

Sam Doob’s take:


The main three characters are charming. I smiled at the smart-ass things they said throughout the movie. I wanted to like them and feel for them, but I didn’t get a chance to. There were only flickers of connection. It was hard to put a finger on. It wasn’t the pace of the film, which was at times jarring, or the acting, which was solid. Something just never clicked on an emotional level. And man is this a movie that is supposed to be emotional.

Timothy Parfitt’s take:

I saw this movie in a newly renovated theater. When I first walked in from the lobby, I thought something was wrong: there were only 24 seats in the whole room. With a regular sized screen. Each seat was huge, and could be fully reclined, in the style of first-class airplane seats or the dentist’s chair. Very comfy, but also somewhat unsettling for a movie that features a lot of characters in hospital beds. Mccounaughey and Leto are both fantastic in this movie, the former especially because of his now-vanishing reputation as a drawling pair of abs. My grandmother hated this movie because she has a hard time with accents, so the only dialogue she understood were the swear words and racial/homophobic slurs. This movie is shameless Oscar bait, but it got it’s hooks into me for sure.

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