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Spring Broken

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Sometimes a movie is more than a movie: sometimes a movie is a music-video inspired fever dream of foaming streams of Keystone Light pouring between bouncy breasts. Spring Breakers is by provocateur Harmony Korine, the mind behind Kids and Gummo. It’s light on plot and heavy on atmosphere, music, bikini-clad youth and nostalgia. The result is sometimes fun, sometimes boring and unlike anything I’ve seen before.

The little plot there is revolves around four college girls who decide they need to go to Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale, at all costs. I capitalize Spring Break because in this movie, it’s a mindset as much as a week on your calendar. Continue reading

Big Evils and Good Wives: End of Watch

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Okay.  I have forty minutes to write this before I pick up my pizza and watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  I am so sick of my VHS collection, it’s pathetic.  But I won’t join Netflix because I’m too cheap and the disks skip and the streaming looks like shit.   I have a copy of the book Babe is based on, unread, somewhere in my room so I can’t go to the library for new movies.  Plus their DVD’s skip, too.

What I’m say is the only way I see movies I’ve never seen before, for the most part, is the old fashioned way.  Now I haven’t written for this website for a while.  But I’ve seen a lot of movies, most of them bad.  The last thing I saw was End of Watch.  My opinion of End of Watch: Continue reading

Obligation Cinema: Lincoln Reviewed

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Lincoln plays in theatres now.  So see it.  I admit, that perhaps one third to halfway through Lincoln which rolled before us on the screen in this crowded cineplex theatre I did sense: obligation:  I should sit through this film; it will benefit me. Continue reading