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Batman Sucks I Mean Rises

Posted in Guest Spot with tags , , , on August 25, 2012 by illwatchanything

Guest review by Isaiah Cambron. You can read more of Isaiah’s work at

There’s something about modern man and the fearful journey through life that we all lead somewhere in The Dark Knight Rises, but I’m not sure I’m capable of breaking it down, especially since the movie plunges off a plot cliff about 10 minutes in. Is it about justice? Justice is integral to the entire Batman saga, especially in this incarnation where Harvey Dent and his image as Gotham’s shining star is the device upon which the whole of Rises rests, yet it is only mentioned in brief moments. Scarecrow judges the rich and condemns them to death in a courtroom symbolically piled high with the tomes of the learned. That is not justice, declares a defiant and soon-to-be-condemned-yet-obviously-also-saved-by-Batman Commissioner Gordon. He smirks. Scarecrow smirks. But it doesn’t matter, because the next scene is Batman lighting up the Brooklyn Bridge with the bat symbol while saving Gordon from the East River. Continue reading