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Even Odds: 50/50

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Based on writer Jonathan Levine real life experiences, 50/50 is a bro-comedy that blends tender moments and doesn’t feel chained to established Hollywood rhythms.  Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Adam, a late twenty something who discovers he has cancer. Seth Rogen plays Kyle, his foul-mouthed best friend. Together they confront their new realities and try to translate Adam’s sickness into effective pick-up lines. Continue reading

The Proper Way to Undress: Footloose (2011)

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I’m broke.  Really broke.  I don’t need to be going to see Footloose, alone, on a Thursday night.  But all that was forgotten by the time the previews began and the MSG from the popcorn was coursing through my veins.  I was in a state of such giddiness, I laughed uncontrollably during the Adam Sandler preview and I was so excited about the new Katherine Heigl action-comedy, I couldn’t concentrate on the first three minutes of Footloose.  What I’m saying is I was in a heightened emotional state when I saw Footloose, so my opinion might be skewed.  Continue reading