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12months and 33 reviews

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“Been away, but now I’m back.”  — Jack Torrance 


Surprisingly decent.  Seth Rogen has come a long way since Gods And Monsters. 

Adjustment Bureau 

Quite bad.  Decent chemistry between the stars.  I like Matt Damon.  And Emily Blunt looks like my first love.  I would criticize the premise of the movie but the founder of this website loves Philip K. Dick.  Continue reading

Finding your place in the Food Chain: Animal Kingdom (2010)

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Last Saturday I had quite the Netflix binge, watching three episodes of “Battlestar Galatica,” the Steve Martin classic The Jerk, and the Aussie indie crime drama Animal Kingdom. I’ll focus on the last one, a Sundance award-winning thriller following a family of bank robbers as they feel the heat and turn on each other.

Written and directed by first-timer David Michôd, Animal Kingdom is the story of Josh, a seventeen-year old kid who ends up moving in with his extended family, who happen to be less than stellar influences. His uncles snort lines and peddle dope, his grandmother gives her boys lingering kisses on the lips Continue reading

Visions and Shadows: Jane Eyre (2011)

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Due to some recent turn of events, the weekday matinee is back in my life. Yesterday I attended a mid-day showing of Jane Eyre, and what a dream it was. The film, directed by Cary Fukunaga, dives straight to the heart of the novel. Part love story, part horror show, Jane Eyre is the unforgettable tale of a young woman searching for (and creating) her place in the world. Continue reading