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One for: Green Zone

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Yesterday, I was called for jury duty, but was let out early, allowing me to sneak in a matinee of Paul Greengrass’ Green Zone.  I love going to matinees, which still carry the allure of playing hookie.  At this particular showing, I was alone in the audience.  When the middle-aged theater employee surveyed the near-empty house and said “Enjoy your movie,” I felt like an eccentric millionaire who demands private, mid-afternoon screenings of earnest Matt Damon films.

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Kick-Ass: Should have been titled “Lick-Cock”

Posted in JAGP, Review with tags , on April 24, 2010 by Jared Parmenter

Yep, this is a movie about penises.  No matter what lengths the director goes to misdirect the audience with all the banality (read: derivative, Lifetime-appropriated teenage life narratives), the whole thing boils down to a disappointingly simplistic, pubescent fantasy.  Yes: that’s bold, italics, AND underlines you see there.
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On Second Thought: Why We Fight (2005)

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It has been said of the Beatles that the sum was greater than its parts.  The opposite is true of the Michael Mooreless Michael Moore derived film, Why We Fight, directed by Eugene Jarecki.  The interviewees seemed to have a lot of inside information about the arms industry, but because of editor Nancy Kennedy’s impatient, heavy handed, and insecure editing (the latter meaning the filmmakers were afraid their source material was boring and the audience’s attention might drift if not bombarded with visuals), I would have preferred to read the transcripts of some of the interviews than to hear shreds, mere hints, of what these people had to say. Continue reading

Avoiding Alice

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This movie was a piece.  With the exception of Helena Bonham Carter.  I forgot how great she is; I just wish she would do more things not with her husband, and not Harry Potter.  The Cheshire Cat was the only other exception to an otherwise dull and emotionally stunted story. Continue reading

Catch up: Long Weekend (1978)

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I chose this movie because it was featured in Not Quite Hollywood, and my experience with Ozploitation has so far been limited.  While Long Weekend is driven by an interesting concept (nature takes revenge on an obnoxious, bickering couple out camping), I can only really recommend it to fans of campy/no-budget horror. Continue reading